Pets Above

Beerus Aversa (2018 - 2019)

Our little Beerus.
May you rest in peace now.
Our hearts are heavy in this horrific time.
We miss you dearly.
You were a special little guy and no one can amount to you.
So many moments we shared with you are now just dull, from daddy coming come from work and you chirping at the door to laying in bed and you cuddling and scratching just to have your spot under the blankets, to you waking mommy up in the morning to your little meows and following me to the bathroom to your zoomies around the house with your brother, who now is just a mess and forever calling out for you.
You, our baby will truely be missed, you were no where near just a cat to us, you were Beerus our one of a kind boy ❤
We gave you love and you gave us so much more back.
We love you