Pets Above

Leo Wallis (2012 - 2019)

Late night, August 3, 2019, Leo was experiencing some terrible symptoms, leading to his passing early morning August 4, 2019, within a few hours he passed away with no pain, surrounded by his family. This was a very unexpected tragedy, but we will forever cherish the memories and love shared with Leo. His mom, Sarah and his brother Tyler, his two favourites, both got to hold him in his last moments, something that we all know Leo found comfort in. His dad, Jay, and his sisters, Emily and Mackenzie, also got to be there for him throughout the night. Things are not the same at home, there are no meows, no balls of fluff rubbing against us, and Duke, his puppy brother, has noticed the lack of his best friend, and playmate, which means no more sounds of our boys roughhousing. Those are some of many memorable quirks he had and did. We miss Leo so deeply, we will never stop loving him and we will never forget him. He was the best cat ever. We hope he will be reunited with his puppy brother, Sammy, who passed June 2019, only two months before him. Thank you for choosing us to spend your life with Leo. ❤️❤️