Pets Above

Annie Crookall (2005 - 2019)

Annie probably had a very hard life before coming to live with me, through the Forever in Foster program at Speaking of Dogs rescue.
She taken in by the rescue with cancerous mammary tumors and a ruined mouth. They gave her the surgery she needed, and helped her find a loving home where she would be cared for and given a loving retirement.

Annie was a dainty little diva full of bossiness and sass, but still had a very loving and calm presence when someone needed comfort. She was a loyal friend and a gentle soul but was also capable of sticking up for herself at the dog park. You always knew exactly what she thought of you.
Annie loved sunshine and lying in the grass, making friends, soft places to lie, and having her own comfortable spaces around people who loved her. She was loved right to the very last heartbeat and beyond, because we will never stop loving her.

She taught me a lot about resilience and forgiveness, because if anyone had a reason to distrust people or feel sad about things in the past, she did - and yet, she loved freely and just enjoyed every minute she had. She didn't dwell on having had a hard life, she took every day as it was, and found the fun and the comfort in each moment.

We love you, Annie. Thank you for choosing us as your family. We'll see you again someday, along with your brothers Oscar and Pip. You're a good girl.