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Barney Bonfield (2003 - 2019)

Barney Bonfield
August 14 2003- October 17 2019
We did the hardest thing today and had our beautiful Barney put to sleep. He was 16 and his hearing, his sight and his legs had all started to fail. We thought it was kinder to do that than to let him suffer. He had a meal of peanut butter, mango and kibble (his favourites) last night and enjoyed cuddles, lots of love, and a family walk over the thanksgiving weekend. We forgave him eating our shoes, rotisserie chickens and Halloween candy and enjoyed the unconditional love and optimism he brought to our family. He has been the best friend to us and will be missed beyond words. I hope he finds somewhere he can eat lunch and have tummy rubs on demand. Love you Barney xxx