Pets Above

P Boy (Pepe) Caetano (2001 - 2019)

Our beloved boy our precious, thank u for loving us unconditionally for 18yrs! U were such warm friendly loving n loyal little boy U were so nice to everyone everybody loved u even people that weren’t cat person! The day we met was juz like yesterday! U jump out of the cage eagerly it was like u picked us! I’m sure ur with Kelsey now n she must be thrilled to see u again! So as Homie n both grannies! Mommy feel so bad that I hadn’t been able to pay u as much attention as before Lavina was born n mommy feel like it’s all my fault that ur gone so soon! We all love you so very much! It really broke our hearts there‘re no words can describe how sad mommy is! U will always be mommy’s llittle boy n u will be missed every second! Til the day we meet again we will be together for eternity! So for now look down and shine from heaven! Come visit us in dreams often my precious little P boy...

Mommy daddy Lavina and Nannie girl