Pets Above

Mr Bitty Stubbs (2009 - 2019)

My special Bitty, I miss you already. For 10 years I’ve counted on you to make me laugh and smile, and keep my feet warm every night.
More like a dog than a cat sometimes, you always wanted to cuddle when I wasn’t feeling well, could fetch a ball better than some dogs, and could carry on a conversation better than some people I know.
I know you’re ok now, no more pain, and LuLu is there, waiting to show you around, and Moo will take care if you like he always did me.
My very special Mr. Stubbs, I was able to save you twice, and I’m so sorry I couldn’t this time.
I will forever see you laying on the floor, in the sun. Or looking out the big window, chattering to the birds that teased you. And I will miss you sleeping, purring, chatting and fetching the little fuzzy balls you loved.
Miss you always, love you forever, see you at the Bridge ????❤️