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Kingston Bonnell (2007 - 2019)

Our dearest, sweet, and handsome Kingston was the love of our life. He had so much personality and was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. He was extremely well-behaved, thanks to the diligent and patient training he received from his daddy when he was a pup. He was so loyal and smart that he never walked on a leash, he was always right by our side. He never wanted to be anywhere other than with his mommy and daddy. And though he loved everyone, he had a special bond with his mommy and had recently become her support dog, a formal recognition of the special bond they shared. He loved adventure and was always excited to explore and see where we would take him. But he was always careful - he hated getting dirty. When we would come home, he would always get a bath and would not leave the towel until he was properly dried, bum wipe included! Kingston loved to play - particularly in his first 10 years. We couldn't tire him out - he loved running after his ball, and we spent the first years as a family trying to throw the ball far enough for him. As he aged, he passionately tended goal as a soccer star, always loving to get smacked in the face with the ball. He even became an avid swimmer (little kicks) at our annual cottage getaways, and would always insist on getting in any water craft, right at the helm, leading the way. Mostly, he loved food and cuddles. His favourite thing to eat was pizza, he would start drooling as soon as it was delivered or came out of the over. But he also loved snacking on any protein treats and knew all the spots in the neighbourhood that would give them out. He especially loved daily stops at the bone house and weekly specialties, like a cow ear, when he needed a little something extra. He was an excellent role model to the younger generation of dogs in his circle - and he was very fond of his girlfriend, Ami, who always knew how to get him going, and his pals Lucy and Leila. He even befriended cats with his cool demeanour. He could hang with anyone, and because of that, we brought him everywhere. Work, school, play, the bike trailer, the car... where we went, he followed. And when we returned, he was always happy to curl up on the couch and often demanded to be let under the covers. You knew he was cozy when he would let out a big breath - and then you couldn't move him, and if you tried, he fiercely defended his comfort with a growl. Sometimes it was dangerous to lift the blanket back up, because Kingy often got gassy when he was cozy. Nothing was better than spending a lazy day with Kingston... he knew how to Sunday better than anyone. He loved waking up with his dad at 4am to spend quality time together before he left for work. Before leaving, daddy would carry Kingston back up to bed to snuggle with mommy until it was time to get up for the day. He would never get up without a belly rub. When it came time for us to have fun - Kingston insisted on being a part of it. Dance parties meant time for him to bark and play, or be picked up by mommy for a once around the dance floor (living room). If you excluded him, he knew how to self-soothe with his girlfriend, a stuff animal firmly lodged under his belly. He was very emotional and in tune with his surroundings. He was born in Missouri, grew up in Vancouver, and spent most of his life in Toronto. Kingston had fans and admirers wherever he went. Kingston had an extended family of people who loved him - the Bonnell family, in particular, gave him much love and comfort. Independent, U of T, Leslieville friends, there were so many communities and people who loved and will miss him. Kingston went very suddenly, and his loss is devastating. He was too strong and proud to show us his pain, or deprive himself from any food and's a loss we will carry for the rest of our lives. There will never be another Kingston. He gave us the gift of his love, and in his death, he made sure we were together as a family, the only way he would ever have it. We will be together always, and with you again some day. We love you, our sweet beautiful baby boy. Love your mommy and daddy xo.