Pets Above

LB (Alby) Lapstra (2017 - 2020)

LB was the most kind and loving being that we have ever known. A feral cat who we found lost on our driveway, later to find his mother and brother, who we also adopted.

LB (Alby) seemed to possess a divine-like energy and Love for all of existence and all creation. His eyes shone with constant adoration for his brother Bibi, his mother Daisy, his uncle Ed, his Hu-pop and most of all his Hu-momma. He nearly never left Hu-momma's side except to play, and PLAY he did!

LB taught himself how to throw and fetch a ball, and played all kinds of games with the ball, always shooting it away, hiding it and finding it in shoes, boots, and boxes. He loved to run through the tunnels, under the couch, climb his towers, charge up and down the stairs to the third floor.

He was always full of joy, never broody or upset or angry. Always full of gratitude, and Love for everyone and everything around him.

He was fascinating to be around in the short time he was here. He was smart and empathic and when your eyes locked with his, he would stare in a way that seemed to be right into your soul. And it felt like it was right into your heart.

He seemed like far more than a cat. Like he knew some Divine secret.

We will always remember you, Al. You are with God now. Come and visit anytime.

Signed Hu-pop and Hu-Momma (George and Kim)