Pets Above

Duncan Demings-Jeffery (2010 - 2020)

Duncan was the only surviving male in his litter and he was always with his big sister Velvet. When we went to pick up his sister we were lucky enough that he was left behind as it was apparent that he was meant to be with us and his sister. Duncan was not a swimmer or fetcher he was the prince that got only the tips of his paws wet as he took the stick his sister fetched to bring to you. Duncan ran like the song Free Bird with his tongue out and ears flapping in the wind. Duncan was his Daddy's boy and would with his disapproval of me when passing by him on the stairs if he thought it was Daddy but turned out to be wrong. Duncan loved his fruits and vegetables along with a good meaty bone to chew. Duncan was a big softy cuddly and a suck at heart. We will miss him dearly in our physical world but will forever hold him close spiritually and welcome him home when he visits. Love you Baby Boy, Mommy, Daddy, Nick, Velvet, Khalayha and Inuk