Pets Above

Steve (2007 - 2020)

Steve was a very cuddly loving and affectionate cat who happened to be afraid of his own shadow at times. He was very curious and always wanted to smell what you would remove from a shopping bag but if a box was in the vicinity he would try to make a break for it. Whether it was the sound of him coming down our rickety old stairs or the quiet pitter patter of him walking all of the way around our bed to hop up, he was always loved. We picked Steve up to foster him originally when he was skin and bones and he immediately curled up with Paige from that perfect "Love at first sight" moment for the car ride home from the vet. He eventually would grow into this rolly polly cat that loved to play, loved to cuddle and loved to badly somersault for belly rubs and he would also go for head boops and kisses whenever the moment would arise. Paige and I are very sad to see our little Bean go but we're happy that he had such a nice spoiled life. We'll love you forever Steven Fussybeans.