Pets Above

Sierra (2007 - 2020)

Sierra came into our lives in May 2017. She jumped in front of my car, onto my lap, and then into my heart. She was 10 years old. She came from a neglectful home and we decided then and there we'd see her through her senior years. We never imagined the joy that Sierra would bring to our lives in the following nearly three years. We were self proclaimed cat people, had never pictured ourselves with a dog. And then along came Sierra. She changed our lives and opened our hearts. Sierra was an absolute joy. She quite literally smiled. And every time she smiled, she sneezed. She loved car rides, she loved sleeping in bed with us, she loved playing fetch with her tennis balls (of which there were dozens!). And boy, did she love her "kids". My niece was her favourite kid, and in 2019 she got her very own "baby" when our son was born. She took on the role of being his caregiver and she took it on seriously. She loved him with an immense pride. Sierra saw me through some of the darkest moments of my life. I desperately wish we could have gotten more time together. She deserved the world. I hope that our years together erased any past memories of past neglects. I hope she knows just how loved she is. To the most wonderful dog that ever lived... I will love you until my last breaths and beyond, my pretty girl.