Pets Above

Smokey (1992 - 2015)

First time I saw you, I knew I had to have you. You were so tiny..just a ball of fur. They were gonna take you to a factory and let you run wild to catch mice. My hubby at the time didn't like cats but I used my charm and brought you home with me. Soon after we realized you were far from a normal cat. Acted more like a dog. You claimed all our hearts...including hubby's. You gave me many yrs of happiness. You always made my bad days better. I will miss ur meows late at night..ur warmth on my pillow..playing hide and seek..missing you at the dinner table. How you would hit me with ur paw or jump on my lap and meow just to get a little treat off my plate. You were my little girl. Miss you pumpkin. I hope ur not lonely where ever you are. Ur in my heart and everyone who knew you. Mama loves you baby xoxoxo