Pets Above

Luke Tucker Bando (2007 - 2015)

Your name means light, which is exactly what you were to me each and every waking moment.
I'll always remember the day I picked you and your two siblings up. I knew you were the one for me as soon as I saw you. You were so brave and adventurous when I first got you. Always going exploring and hunting when allowed. You were my baby and best friend.
I'll always remember the way you'd wake me up several times on most nights to snuggle. The way you would come to greet me in the mornings, even though it was still too early for you, and stare at me through half closed eyes. The way your eyes always shine bright blue in the sun and mornings. The way you would roll around on the pavement enjoying the cool of it on your fur or the way you would lie in the sun soaking up the heat. You'd always try to create your own masterpiece on the piano while I was playing it. The way you'd sometime drool when purring and kneading my arm or neck, sometimes painfully. And how you started sitting in front of your bowl and just staring at us as a hint to feed you. But most importantly I'll cherish the nights and mornings you would come and snuggle with me under the blankets and knead my arm or face until you drifted off to sleep. There are so many memories but none will come close to actually being with you.
You always loved the company just as you are and were deeply cherished. 'I'll love you for ever I'll love you for always as long as I'm living my baby you'll be'