Pets Above

Jarvis Fry (2005 - 2017)

Jarvis – the owner of all sticks, giver of good kisses and the best squirrel chaser you ever met – has left us. Comforted by his lifelong companion and his devoted grandma he’s gone to swim after that stick. You see, every stick fetch was an Olympic event, sometimes bringing back all sticks even if they were thrown for someone else.
A big fan of the cottage life, he was happiest when in the company of those he loved best. And he did love - loyally and with all his heart. Once you were accepted he gave his whole heart to you, asking only for a kind word, a scratch or a soft pat. His misguided attempt to keep me safe was off-putting to some, but he was a shrewd judge of character and he truly made me feel safe and comforted by his sometimes fierce challenge to strangers and friends alike. He had little time for vacuums, most men or fireworks.
He leaves behind a vast collection of balls for chasing, some partially shredded stuffies and an owner with a full, yet broken heart.