Pets Above

Cha-Cha Starkie (2009 - 2016)

Cha-Cha, you were the most beautiful Guinea Pig that I ever laid eyes on the day I got you and Marie. You looked like a small Sylvester the Cat. You always were the most prettiest Guinea Girl that I ever have seen. You were also a sweet and gentle, loving, caring sister to Marie, Moo-Moo and Dora. You strutted around proud clucking like a lil chicken. You were so unique and special. How you loved to burrow in the hay, eat carrot cakes, get up to no good with Moo-Moo. You always slept in your wood hut, in the cuddle sacks you would run in and have your bum hanging out, especially at night for elevator service. How I've missed you this past year, giving you hair cuts and baths and hearing your clucking and wheeking for those special treats you adored. We will miss you forever. On Angel wings you were taken but in my heart you will remain.