Pets Above

Dora Starkie (2011 - 2016)

Sweet Dora-boo, you came to me with your sister Moo-Moo. You were such a mean, greedy piggy. In the time since Moo-Moo died, Februrary 2016, you started to love to lay on my chest, just like my Marie used to. That was so very special to me. I loved being your nurse and taking care of you when you became ill. You loved to sleep in the wood huts, pigloos and adored cuddle sacks. God, how you loved your cuddle sack. You loved to bite and pull at the cage divider and pull it lose to get closer to La-Cha. You loved to shred hay cakes, especially the carrot ones, loved all your fruits and veggies especially juicy tangerines. I will remember how sweet and loving and close you got with La-Cha in the last month of your life and how my beloved girl Cha chose to go with you to the rainbow bridge in the end so you wouldn't have to go alone. Miss you Zadora. Glad to have had you, Cha, Marie and Moo-Moo all together again. I will miss you.