Pets Above

Marigold Smith (2000 - 2017)

How do you memorialize your very best friend and partner in crime? The child you never had but in the end you did? It's ALWAYS the fur kids that find YOU and not THEM that steal your heart and cause IMMENSE grief and tears in the end! That is the essence of who MARIGOLD was, still is and ALWAYS will be, a soul, whom even in her passing has taught ME so much about life and love. Without telling you the story of all that has happened over the last 6 months of our lives together, she gave me the ultimate gift of love by setting me FREE, and by remembering her and letting go of her, I can repay her kindness. It was only in her passing did it prompt me to find out what the name 'MARIGOLD' means, and what I found out described everything I knew about her! I have NEVER had such a complex relationship with anyone, either two-legged or 4-legged alike, and I realize that the relationship I had with her will be THE MOST PROFOUND RELATIONSHIP I WILL EVER HAVE IN MY LIFETIME!!! I plan on writing a book about her, about her life, her love, her intelligence, her illness, the hell that we have both been through, and even her death. Our relationship has transcended death and I have had some very deep, profound spiritual experiences since she left this earthly-plane of existence, as well as a few supernatural experiences which she must have thought would be great fun.( Not only were they super cool, but it also confirmed everything that I believe in!) She was my yin and I was her Yang, my peanut butter to her chocolate and we will forever be linked to infinity. So, for those of you who have just recently lost your own fur kid(s) or are on the verge of having one cross over, take some advice from me. I read a great book recently by a grief therapist, whom specializes in pet loss...the more profound and devastating your grief is, the more profound and beautiful your love was, still is, and will forever be, to infinity! Who knew one cat could change so many lives, and I will never look at a cat the same way again, as she made me FULLY AWARE of what other life forms experience day to day, and IT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN BEING A HUMAN, WE JUST LIVE IN DIFFERENT BODIES, AND WHEN YOU HAVE THAT AWARENESS, EVERYTHING CHANGES!!!! Some may say she was 'just a cat', but that 'cat' changed my WHOLE WORLD AND OUTLOOK ON LIFE, LOVE AND WHAT LIES BEYOND. SHE TAUGHT ME THE ULTIMATE LESSONS...UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND THE MEANING OF LIFE! Rest in peace my love, and this is not goodbye, just a see ya later! :)