Pets Above

Toby Daly (2000 - 2018)

I hailed from the Bruce, in Wiarton, Up North

You found me all on my own when I was only weeks old

You called me ‘Toby’ as in ‘Tobermory’ - a nearby place

I think you fell in love with the ‘cute’ on my face

You took me home and loved me and … and YOU were my world

That was in 2000 and now - I am 18 years old

Though my life is coming to pass

And you will struggle and grieve, and be sad

The legacy I leave and the gift that I give

Is that I will always be with you in the memory of love!

We are so grateful for the role that Pets Above Had after the passing of our Dear Toby.
There was so much comfort in receiving his ashes back in the Beautiful Ceramic Paw Prints Urn and the personalized impression of his own paws are both items that we will treasure.
Since the paw impressions were something we weren’t sure about and almost didn’t order - We are so glad that we didn’t miss that opportunity.
These items are beautifully done.
All interactions with Pets Above live up to their reputation of respect, compassion and care and have helped bring some Peace and Solace after a devastating loss.
Thank you for everything,
K & C Daly