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Lumpy Cholack (2007 - 2018)

Lumpy 2007-2018
Lump Man – The most handsome-est dog ever

Dear Lumpy passed away peacefully at home on the early morning of May 31st surrounded by his parents and bro’s. Lump will be greatly missed by his Mom Anita, Dad Rob, Dodger, Max, his bestest horse bud Victor. He will be fondly remember by his Nama Terrie and doggie uncle- Dougie Baxter, Auntie Sara & Ryan, Auntie Christine, Rick, Addison, Mia and all his horse siblings of Chomar Hill.

Lumpy was truly a gentle, majestic, wise soul that touched many people over the years. He was always game for road trips blasting the tunes. Everything from spending days at the horse shows, hitting up the pizza shop or his most recent travel half way across the country to Nova Scotia to breath in the ocean air. Lump loved spending his days with everyone on the farm- eating carrots, fresh eggs and the occasional horse poop hehehe. You would often find Lump Man soaking up the sun either out front the barn or the sand ring or cruising the trails on a hack with the horses and then slyly popping out of nowhere. Lump enjoyed spending time with his bro’s chilling on the front porch guarding the farm, keeping watch of the horses or gazing at an evening bonfire.

Lumpy showed his stoic side this last year. With his broken leg and cancer diagnoses he showed more determination than even when it came to stealing a pizza off the counter to get in his belly! It simply was not his time to leave this world and he proved to be right. Lump always being a caring thoughtful dog we decided to help other dogs and people by being in a study for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) research. Mom Anita spent endless hours educating herself on alternatives and perfecting the keto diet, which in turn passed on much information to help others and will continue to do so as Lumpster would wish that.

An incredible life Lump lived. From being a teacher, loyal loving friend, having patience of a saint, confidant, traveler, pizza thief, professional sleeper, official greeter and protector of the farm.

May our sweet boy Lumpy run free on the heavenly farm with his beloved Zoefina and pal Oakley. You are with us always and forever <3

Lumpy’s Love & Thanks <3
Lumpy's 3 Legged Journey

Thank YOU for all your support!

Thank you to the team of Doctors at the Ontario Veterinary College, my caring vet tech Malanie and Pet Trust.

Thank you Lisa Chilvers for helping speak for my body and mind through bio-physical resonance. You indeed have one of the kindest hearts <3

Thank you to my Auntie Christine Cholack-Borthwick and Dr George Roth for your healing hands of Matrix Repatterning to keep me young and spry to the end.

Thank you to Rodney Habib and everyone involved with The Dog Cancer Series.

Thank you to my Mom for giving me your all every day and always having hope.

Thank you for being believers <3

In memory of Lumpy donations may be made to Paws For Change.
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