Pets Above

Paris Faccenda (2004 - 2018)

Our little girl Paris. You were the little Shepherd in the litter with your pink ribbon on, waiting for us to pick you. The smallest, shyest and the one who looked up at us with your beautiful eyes. In that moment, we introduced you to Bosco and knew it was you that would help us create a little family.

We were devoted to sharing the best life for both you and Bosco. Your lives were filled each and every day with love and commitment. You were so tender and sensitive yet so courageous and steadfast. The perfect balance most humans seek. Most of all, you were a loyal companion who taught us so many life lessons. All of the experiences we shared together were filled with so much joy in our hearts. From our earlier days at Happy Tails in Plantation FL. to the beautiful parks in Canada, Bronte, Shell Dog Park. Kerns walks in the woods, Lakeshore walks in Burlington, and Nonna's backyard in Hamilton. We drove thousands of miles in your black jeep. Our labor day tradition became your annual Labor Day vacation in Maine.

No matter where our lives took us, from heartbreaks to happiness, you and Bosco were our rocks and priority through it all.

As the last few years of your life became you became tired and weary yet never showed your suffering. Despite how difficult it was to say goodbye to Bosco, you knew we needed you most the last few years to give us comfort and the anchor we needed to get through it. As the last few months became more difficult for you, we knew it was you who did not want to say goodbye as we watched all the strength you could muster just to sleep by our bedside each and every night.

Thank you Paris Faccenda for touching our hearts and souls. You have etched paw prints on our hearts that will last a lifetime. Lay your weary head, rest in dignity and respect knowing you have done your work. Our lives our forever changed because of you.

Love mommies.