Pets Above

Emma Demiter (2009 - 2018)

Emma was energetic,social butterfly and everyone she came in contact with pets or humans won them over with her sweetheart personality. To say she was a pet doesn't do her justice. She was a family member. She knew when someone was sad or sick and was their 'doctor' and laid beside them and cuddled until felt better. She loved playing ball and only liked toys that squeaked. She always waited for her best friend to come home and take her on a walk each day looking out the window. Every morning when she could she would 'sunbathe' on the stairs. She always knew how to do something silly and make every laugh like run around in circles in the living room and play chase me. Even in her pain as she developed lung cancer she never showed it and it was finally our turn to be her 'doctor' and cheer her up. She taught everyone to live in the moment and enjoy it. She
was in every part of our lives and will forever be missed but never forgotten.