Pets Above

Willow Majic (1997 - 2018)

My special lady Willow. We grew up together (same birthday! Only I’m four years older). I’ve never imagined a life without you. I’ll miss shoving my face into your tummy and seeing everyone gasp because they think it’s a trap! (It was never a trap). I’ll miss your nose kissies on demand. I’ll miss taking you for walks. And I’ll miss having you sleep on my left side all night every night. The space is very empty now and I’m so very heart broken.... if anything, I’m glad you passed away in my loving arms while I pet you at home... I’m glad we had that last moment together, just the two of us. Thank you for being my best friend my whole life. Thank you for cheering me up when I was a gloomy teenager and for keeping my company while I stayed up all night to study for my college exams... thank you for sitting in my lap while I did my phone interview for my job and leaving your fur all over my new apartment. I’ll miss my Willow.
-Mama Ali