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Tipa Bedard (2006 - 2019)

She was born feb 28th 2006 and passed away January 4th/2019 around 5:25pm she was 68 years old in human years, the day i bought her she was in a litter in the front window of a pet store, she was the only one standing up like she was ready to go home, when i told the man behind the counter i wanted her he said oh the little acrobat and scooped her up in one hand as she balanced and walked across to the other hand into my arms it was love at first cuddle. I named her tipa because she had a white tipped tail and white tips on her ears, almost like she had been dipped in white paint upside down, she was always so soft and fluffy, she was one of a kind, my friend, my baby, my beautiful girl she always kneaded and kissed mommy's neck from day one till the end, she almost was given back the first night i got her but something told me to give her a chance, her last day with us something told me not to put her down and give it another night im so glad i did it was her last night with us an we slept together as a family cuddled and gave her all the treats she could stand her last day was full of love and comfort and it was a beautiful sunny day sonwe sat in my office together so she could lay in the sun one more time, when she passed i calmly told her what i did to try to get her to sleep "go to seepies, seepy girl, oh ya so seepy..." in a low calming voice. And when it happened she did just that so quietly so peacefully just went to sleep, now she sleeps, she's at peace and i will never forget her and i will always love her, she was born the runt of the litter but for a tiny tipa she had a large presence and personality, everyone that met her would say how tiny and beautiful she was and how she still looked like a kitten, she still meowed and always sounded like a kitten, me and her had our own little chatter and purrs and meowed almost like we understood each other somehow, she was smarter than most kitties I swear, she used to love to me especially stare through reflections mirrors TV screens ect. at me she would donit more when she wanted something like her litter cleaned or food she never let u not have what she needed she was my little stalker kitty, she loved boxes shoe boxes the most, she loved warmth and loved to lay in the sun even with all her fluffy bum salmon and Turkey were her favs but also liked graham crackers and Chicago mix popped corn, she was a fiesty lady till the very end and always spoke her mind. She was my baby and she will be in my heart forever. My baby, my friend, my beautiful girl xoxo