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Buster Middleton (2003 - 2019)

Buster came to us as a foster through a Berner rescue, at the age of 11.8 years. Sadly his human dad had passed at a very early age and his human mommy had a serious back injury and couldn't look after him very well anymore.
Our pack at that time, of 3 Berners and a rescue cat accepted Buster right away and after a week we knew we were Foster Failures - our best failure ever!
Soon Buster was known as BusterToes all over the Berner FB land!
He celebrated his 12, 13, 14 and 15th birthdays with us, he was there to welcome, nurse, teach and play with our litter of 8 Berner pups, he walked down the aisle at our son's wedding, he traveled from SW Ontario to Sudbury 10x just in his last year of life to see our first grandchild, he drove to Wisconsin to visit his favourite best friend, he visited with his first human mom twice and he lost 40lbs with us, which prolonged his wonderful life.
BusterToes was the most loyal, trusting, loving and very very intelligent friend anyone could dream of. I believe he had a human brain in a dog's body with a dog's heart! He's the only dog we've ever had who would grunt thanks when we did something for him and who could voice quite clearly when and what he needed. The last year of his life he could hardly get up on his own and depended on us for everything.
His massive void in our lives is very painful. His favourite young pup is missing him terribly. They were 13.5 years apart to the day and never spent a night apart. Now our 1.8 year old pup is visibly sad, but still has both his parents and his aunt and cat for comfort. Luckily our pack was able to be present as Buster left us very peacefully, surrounded by love, snow and sunshine! We have received countless messages from Nigeria, Switzerland, England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and North America - all from people who are shedding tears on Buster's passing, but also celebrating his long, fulfilled life and are thankful to have met and known him. BusterToes - you were one of a kind, a charismatic old gentleman with an incredible personality that spoke to anyone who ever met you. We are so blessed and thankful that we were the lucky ones to spend your 3.5 golden years with you. It will always be an unforgettable time in our family <3 - thank you for finding us and for loving us all so much.