Pets Above

Moo-Moo Starkie (2010 - 2016)

My darling Moo-Moo
Rescued with your sister Dora from the shelter, you came to us all sickly and named Fluffy! but we loved you unconditionally. You were re-named Moo-Moo because you were my little Russian ballet dancer, pirouetting up the bars. how you loved to climb up to receive your treats everyday and climb on and tear up those carrot infused hay cakes. You loved your sister Dora and slept next to my Cha-Cha in the hay pile and cheered up my old grieving girl - you too were so close and you loved sleeping in the cuddle sacks and under the pile of hay. You were sweet and gorgeous, my blue-eyed, black & while beauty queen! I hope that you have joined up with Marie-Marie over The Rainbow Bridge and did not suffer when your suddenly passed. We will forever miss you and you will forever be in our thoughts and hearts!!