Pets Above

Ozzy Abernethy (2007 - 2019)


We were all very fortunate and lucky
To have Ozzy in our lives .
So many stories to share:
Greeting everyone at the front door with any one of his numerous stuffed toys.
He was so proud to show us and welcome us home from each day .
Ozzy demanded very little of us but he gave so much of himself to each one of us .
I will miss walking you , hugging you , kissing you, holding you , sleeping with you and playing with you .
One can’t say that you never stopped to smell things . You took your time on walks it was about the “quality “ of walk not the quantity of walk .
We all share so many great memories of you and we will never forget you Oz man.
You have no more pain and you can now be at rest and your spirit is free.
Wait for us somewhere up in heaven and when it is our time to come and see you,
I know it will be you running to us with a toy in your mouth, to finally welcome each one of us all home again to be together as we were.
You were special , you were incredibly loved, and the love you gave back to us can never be equaled .
We will never forget you
We miss you dearly, ozzy boy !!!

Love ,

Mom , Dad , Emily and Ethan

Our family would like to thank Dr. Susan Dailley for her part in the end of life care and her compassion shown to our family and for Ozzy, we were very fortunate to
Use Susan And we were fortunate to have her come to our house.
Also thank you to Pets Above for taking care of our Ozzy Boy.