Pets Above


Mary McTaggart
Thank you to all the staff at Pets above....
We lost our precious Schnoogie in January of 2019 and her precious sister Zoey earlier this week. (Feb 2020) We never expected the depth of loss we would feel for these 2 lovely dogs who enhanced our lives for the last 16 and 14 years. Your company is so caring and professional and we so appreciated the service you provided. Thank you doesn't seem adequate enough. Keep up the good work for all your fur baby families, it truly does make the devastating losses more bearable.
The McTaggart Family
Sandra Hirst
To Pets Above

Thank you for the honour and dignity in which you handled our beloved Boomer, Losing our boy on Valentines was so hard , again thank you and we know Boomer is a better place, living without him is difficult , wish that Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours..Rest Well My Sweet Boy,,we will miss you forever
Patricia Safar
To Petsabove
Like to thank you for taking great care of my beloved baby boy Blanco passed on Dec 24 2019 and sending him home to us with dignity and respect. He was my beloved boy taking care of his 3 beaautiful kids even sick as he was battling cancer to keep fighting as a leaderto be with them. Run free of pain my boy. I picked him up today and I cried so much when I took him out the beautiful velvet bag and opened his little box to see his beautiful paw prints, read his condolences card with all your signatures on it and his cremation certificate. I wish I were there with him at the time of his last farewell.I will definitely be using your service in the future . Thaank you
Spero & Cheryl Betas
Our dear German Shepherd had been battling a large cancerous tumor the last 5 months. It was time to lay Vader to rest on December 30 2019. The Veterinary here in Kingston, Ontario ( Kingston West Veterinary Hospital ) were amazing. The service that KWVH utilizes for the animal aftercare is your organization. Thank You so much for being so professional and the Sympathy Card being signed by each staff member from PetsAbove. The Urn and the Name Tag chain were perfect to remember his birthdate and the day / year he passed away. You made us feel at peace knowing that Vader was taken care of during Cremation. I would highly recommend PetsAbove to anyone looking for the best after care when your beloved animal must be put to rest. Sincerely, the Betas Family
Ian Fleury
I lost My Dog Of 14 yrs to cancer December 5th 2019 ( Mr Chance ) and I cant say how much the people at Pets Above helped and made my sad event a little easier , one of the owners i called and spoke to me and expressed his sorrow and expressed how he would take care of Chance as he was his own pet and not to worry which gave me a little comfort knowing he understood that Chance wasn't just a pet but more as one of our family members . Pets Above I would highly recommend if you need a service to treat your pet with respect and dignity when that sad day comes
Devika Bala
A sincere thank you to PetsAbove. Your compassion and professionalism during this most difficult time. Saying goodbye to family member is not easy. All of you made us feel so comfortable.The service was peaceful, I know Dexter felt the same way. He is at peace and better place. Thank you very much!
Oakpark Pet Hospital
We as a practice have been working with Pets Above for 3 years and they have continually exceeded every one of our expectations. They have provided us with excellent customer service, quality products and we are touched by their personalized approach to every pet. Pets Above has always gone above and beyond to ensure that any concern was met and solved with professionalism and punctuality. We would highly recommend their services!
Hannah Young
Thank you for taking such great care of my Finny. It brings me some peace knowing that he was well looked after. I cried the whole time while unpacking the bag. The paw print was so beautifully done. Thank you.
Lynne Roberts
Thank you so much for being so accommodating and sending Toby and his ink paw prints before my charm was ready. I received the paw print charm yesterday and it's beautiful. Being able to take my time and go through everything on the website to make my choices with my family made things a tiny bit easier.
As Harvey struggled I saw his quality of life challenged. I was at a loss as Harvey's vet didn't have the capacity to do house calls. I couldn't lift my sweet Old English Sheepdog boy to transport so I started my search for a mobile vet. I honestly can't capture in words how grateful and lucky I was to find the most compassionate and supportive vet, Dr. Susan Dailley. In the days prior to connecting with Dr. Dailley I had reached out to Pets Above, Kyle was amazing responded to my email after hours and helped by giving me the information to guide me for what would lie ahead. I knew when it was time I wanted Harvey under the care of Pets Above. I spoke to Dr. Dailley and found she too thought the same of Pets Above and that they were the crematorium she used twhich brought great comfort. Truly I can't say enough the partnership with an amazing vet and a perfect final resting place. They both made me feel that they were treating Harvey as if he were part of their family. Thank you so very much.
Melissa McClellan
As the health of our beloved Newf, Mia, declined dramatically overnight, we knew the time has come to say good bye. As it happened over a long weekend, our regular vet would not be able to come to our house for three days. Dr. Goldie Rosen was able to accommodate us on a very short notice. Dr Rosen also made arrangements for a private cremation at the Pets Above, who were willing to receive the body during the off hours and during the long weekend nevertheless!
From start to finish, our experience with Pets Above was nothing but great. We are completely satisfied with the wonderful service they provided. The quick return of and presentation of her remains in the velvet bag, the cremation certificate and thoughtful card of condolence was much appreciated and comforting.
I highly recommend your service to anyone who is faced with the loss of a beloved pet.
Thank you.
Melissa and Tibor
Sherri Hall
I just recently experienced the loss of my beautiful Paco. We had just moved to a new town and he became gravely ill. Paco was (is) like one of my children and losing him has left me devastated. Pets Above lessened my pain through the loving care and compassion they provided.
I can't begin to say Thank You for the loving care everyone showed for my beautiful Paco. I now have my boy home with me and I will be forever grateful to Pets Above for giving me such a beautiful memorial to cherish.
Much love and appreciation for everything!!
Sherri Hall and Paco❤️
Soleils Mommi
Thank you ever so kindly for posting Soleil’s memorial so quickly. We are all hurting here & seeing this helps immensely. I am certain your company will treat her with the dignity, love and respect that is evident from the care displayed.
Most sincerely her family
Margaret Buck
,My sincere thanks for the kind and loving way in which you took care of Prudence. So tastefully handled....I loved the little velvet bag in which her urn was returned to me, along with her paw print and the beautiful card. I cannot thank you all enough for your caring.
Margaret (Maggie) Buck
Innisfil, On
Wendy Reist
A sincere thank you for your compassion and professionalism, during this most difficult time. Saying goodbye to a family member is not easy.

I very much appreciated the blue velvet bag Moe was placed in. The signed card brought tears to my eyes.
Heather Caesar mom
Hardest decision I ever had to make in my life but I believe he’s in a better place, thank you very much PETSABOVE very nice n peaceful service..
I want to thank Pets Above for all the care and understanding that they showed me during the recent and unexpected loss of Karma. The way that she came back to me in a very special urn that was placed inside a blue velvet bag and condolence card shows a lot of thought and care for sure. Your assistance and care during this very difficult time is greatly appreciated.
Kathryn Manzo
Just can't express how impressed I am with Pets Above. The beautiful way Cheech was returned to me and the lovely card - so caring and personal. Thanks to you all.
Mandy Bailey
I just wanted to thank Pets Above for handling my beloved dog Montana so well and professionally. The loss is still so hard to deal with after 2 months it feels like yesterday, your kind words and the card the blue box containing his ashes were all so precious to me and help ease the pain and grief only furparents could ever understand
Natalie K.
Only pet lovers and people that truly care could do this job. To be exceptional in their professional attitude, super helpful, attentive and understanding is cherry on the top. We are super grateful for their services and all that they offer. As heart broken as we were if it wasn't for Dr. Goldie and Pets Above we honestly would be lost. Dr. Goldie was very nice, agreed to help after her reg works hrs (as we were under the gun with small window of opportunity for my husband to be present as well) and all was over before we knew it. She took very good care of our lil' Coco and charge of the situation we suddenly found ourselves in (we had to make a decision on Sunday evening after we came home fr work and within 2 hrs Coco was gone). Only suggestion would be ask lots of Q.'s and make sure you understand the A.'s., as in turmoil of emotions that was surrounding us I wish I understood the process better, which would help in avoiding the guilt I felt for not saying or having a proper goodbye. Altho, in hindsight, no amount of time is ever enough to say a final goodbye. Thank you Dr. Goldie, thank you Pets Above
Tammy L.
I can't say enough about the staff at Pets Above. To Kimberley and Michelle, thank you for going that extra mile. You went above and beyond for my family in the recent and very unexpected loss of our dog Titan. I only hope that your act of kindness is returned to you and your families tenfold.
Karen & Peter
My husband and I are eternally grateful for the staff at Pets Above. A week ago, we were overwhelmed with grief from the loss of our Husky of 14 1/2 years. All the staff of Pets Above were caring & compassionate and we could not have gotten through this without them and especially the private services they offer.
I absolutely recommend them to anyone who has suffered the loss of a pet and are in search of a company to assist in their final resting place.
Pattie Dawson
I could not be more impressed with both the service and products you offer as a company. You have gone above and beyond for helping so many through the hardest time with losing a family member. Thank you
The Johnstone Family
When we picked up Zoom's urn this week, we were so touched by the extra touches that you provided. The condolence card and the velvet urn bag were beautiful. Thank you very much for looking after our special Girl for us until she could return home.
Barbara & Michael Kerrigan
My wife and I picked up Katie’s cremains from Dr. Goldie Rosen at Halton Veterinary, yesterday afternoon.

We have been so pleased with the service provided by Dr. Goldie and absolutely delighted that she rcommended your services. Your care, respect and professionalism with regard to cremation services for our lovely Katie, have helped make the unbearable pain and sadness we are currently experiencing, just a little more bearable.

The personalization of Katie’s urn was exactly as requested and beautifully done. The prompt return of and presentation of her cremains in the velvet bag together with the cremation certificate and your card of condolence was so very much appreciated and comforting. The ability to post a memorial along with Katie’s photos on your website was also very special.

Katie was part of our family for ten of her thirteen years. We are so grateful to have had her boundless love,energy,and spirit throughout that time. We sure miss that big doggie grin and wagging tail each time we walk in the door. God, how we loved her!!

Thank you once again,
Barbara and Michael Kerrigan
Leanne Hohl
We made the hardest and most painful decision we ever had to make and set our boy Luke free on May 13,2018. Everyone at petsabove was incredible and showed him and us the upmost respect and dignity. We have a beautiful paw print and his ashes home with us now to treasure as we do our best to move forward in our lives. Thank you for all that you do and understanding how much our furry family means to us.
debbie teams
just want to say thank you to the staff at pets above for all they did for my 17 year old jack Russell ryelly in my time of need. so glad I made the decision to do private creamation and have him back home in his lovely paw print urn. my vet in London dahl vet services made the arrangements for me. now just have my pictures and many great memories of him. miss him like crazy and so does Zach.thanks again Debbie teams from london
Pam G
One of the best companies to work with. The employees are very nice and helpful. Always there to help and fix with any issues that come up. Keep up the great work. PG.
K & C Daly
We are so grateful for the role that Pets Above Had after the passing of our 18 year old dog Toby.
There was so much comfort in receiving his ashes back in the Beautiful Ceramic Paw Prints Urn and the personalized impression of his own paws are both items that we will treasure.
Since the paw impressions were something we weren’t sure about and almost didn’t order - We are so glad that we didn’t miss that opportunity.
These items are beautifully done.
All interactions with Pets Above live up to their reputation of respect, compassion and care and have helped bring some Peace and Solace after a devastating loss.
Thank you for everything,
K & C Daly
Steve & Sandra
So pleased that we found this awesome local family business to look after the cremation of our beloved Harley. The transparency in their business process was very heart warming and reassuring at a difficult time. From my 1st phone call to Kyle and his offer to come tour their facility and see the process was very reassuring, to the next day when we met Brett to look after Harley's cremation. They did everything they said they would do on time, showing Harley the dignity and highly personalized service he deserved. The process of dropping him of in the morning and then being able to pick up his cremated remains later that after noon in his custom engraved urn was really appreciated the paw print memorial we picked up 1 week later. The personalized card signed by each of your team-members was also a nice touch.

Thank you so much,

Sandra & Steve
Sally and Tom Hare
We opted to transport our beloved Max ourselves from Burlington to PetsAbove after in home euthanasia by Dr. Goldie Rosen. Kyle met us as we pulled up to the building and guided us through the whole procedure. Kyle and his staff could not have been more helpful and caring with Max. They respected all our wishes and were very professional from start to finish.
We would highly recommend their services.
Cynthia Courneyea
I'm so great full to the beautiful urn my cat Rainbow came in. Plus the sympathy card I received.
Tracey Hill
I just wanted to send out a huge thank you, especially to Kyle.
I must say that I had an issue with Pets Above that I was very upset with. I sent an e-mail to express my concerns. Due to the sensitivity of the nature, Kyle could sense that he had an upset client on his hands. Instead of letting me fester, Kyle immediately picked up the phone to discuss the issue with me and work together with me for a resolution. We came up with a resolution that I am very happy with.
Pets Above certainly does take pride in the work they do with our loved ones.
Keep up the great work, and thanks again Kyle. Your professionalism was certainly appreciated during a difficult time.
Regards, Tracey
Barb Carson-Loucks
I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and quality care with our girl Pokey. I am so impressed by your work and service that I would recommend you if needed in the future. We have her back now, and I am so grateful to have her back so quickly. Thank you so much. We are still broken hearted but it's part of the deal. Pokey gave us 17 1/2 years of memories and that's pretty amazing in itself. Thank you again

Barb Carson-Loucks
Desmond and Tana Robinson
We would like to thank everyone that was involved with the visitation and viewing of our Baby Girl Cupcake. Thank you for treating her with such respect and dignity, and for giving us the time we needed to grieve. Cupcake is a part of our family and you all made the tragedy more tolerable.
Thank you especially to Brett and Kyle who did everything we could have asked for to honor our Baby Girl.
The Varty Family
We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the staff at Pets Above. When Daytona was gone we knew you were taking good care of her, but we were lost as she has never been away from us. But when she came home looking so beautiful in her Urn, we were once again whole. Thank you so much for the amazing job you all did with her. And to our Collins Bay Veterinary Clinic, you are such amazing caring people. You helped us get through a difficult time. Thank you
Knapp Family
On behalf of our family we like to thank the OxfordVeterinary Clinic in Woodstock Ontario. Not only they done all they could to save our Dog Jake age 20 and our Cat Royal age 22, but they are one of the most caring, sweetest compassionate group of people our family are blessed to have in our life's. You shown the up most respect not only for our pets but also our family.
We also like to thank Pet Above for taking good care of our family members as well.

Our babies are truly missed. We love and miss them very much.

Thanks you all for the love and support.

Knapp Family xo
Tamer and Lesley
We wanted to thank you for the tremendous aftercare you have given Hershey during this very tough time for us. You gave us the time to answer all the questions we had about the process and aftercare in our numerous phone calls and ensured we were comfortable.

Hershey was almost 14 and had a great life. The urn and engraving you had done for him is beautiful. This allows us to continue to cherish and celebrate his life.

Thank you for all your support.
The Kirbys & Szabunia's
We wanted to send a quick word and thank you for taking such phenomenal care of our beloved Peanut. I personally wanted to thank Kyle for spending time emailing with me on a Saturday night asking question after question. This has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us. The grieving changes, but it never goes away. Bringing Peanut home the other day gave us a little peace, in that he was back where he belonged. Thank you for the card, your time and compassion.
Patti Rittinger
Good Afternoon:

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we picked up Spencer from Oxford County Vet Clinic on Tuesday night and thank you does not seem sufficient. We are so impressed with the quality and including a sympathy card goes above and beyond. Thank you for caring for our Spencer.
Kim Wemigwans
Thank you so much for you kind and caring words for our Shelby girl we all loved her so much, and we are going to miss her.
Jim and Dana
We want to thank you for taking care of our little buddy Nemo he was in great hand's with you all .
When his time was up you all helped us you are awesome and we will and have told people about Pets Above when their loved ones pass away as our little buddy Nemo did.
Life is hard without him but i know he's in good hands and for this we're grateful to you all.
No other animal will take our little buddys place in our hearts for he was 1 of a kind to us .....
Rest in peace our little buddy Nemo we will always love you :(
Susan & Chris Gehl
Dear Staff

Thank you so much for keeping the dignity of our little boy Duke. When I picked him up I never cried so hard but when I had him home I was glad he was near by. He was about to be 15yrs old and so hard to change our routine with out him but I am blessed to have had him in our lives he was the best dog you could ever want. I know we will love another but will not be the same with out our Duke. Your team is great and thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. ❤️

Susan & Chris
Ashley case
To everyone at Pets Above, I wanted to thank you for the bottom of my heart for giving me something beautiful to remember my sweet boy Tommy. Losing him was the hardest thing I have have ever had to deal with my entire adult life but knowing that he is back home with me and can be remembered in such a beautiful way is so comforting. Thank you!
Christine Barker
Once again the words i always hate saying is good bye. Im not sure how to thank pets above for the second creamation on my loved one Peter.

Peter even through i didnt get to really know you but you were there to show Pepe as well as Ty Tys how to be in a good sprit. I will miss how i went to feed you and seen that you got out to walk around on my bed. Pepe, ty as well as the rest of us will miss you. That Rolo and Simba show you the path to where your new home is. Wish you didnt have to go so young your only 8 months. Gone way to soon
Linda Starkie
To all of you at Pets Above:

I just wanted to thank you all for the very classy presentation that you provide to your customers. It brought tears to my eyes and I was so very moved and touched how regally my beloved Guinea pig Moo-Moo's ashes were returned to me.

I loved your beautiful condolence card, the classy blue and rope handled bag, the urn she was in and the blue velvet satchel'Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge' that held her urn .

Your company is compassionate, caring and so very classy. Will definitely be using your services again when my other two Guinea girls Cha-Cha and Dora pass away!

Just thought you would appreciate some customer feedback !

I also wrote and posted a glowing review of Pets Above on the 411 site. That is how impressed I was of your company!

Thank you all for the heartbreaking , hard work that you all do day in and day out and for the way that you do it.

I and my beloved Moo-Moo thank you
Christine Barker
Dear Pets Above,

Thank you for being there for another pet we lost. First it was Simba now Rolo

Rolo you were one of a kind. You helped us grieve with the loss of simba. You helped mom and i with our attacks or when i was down and out you were there to pick me back up.

You will be greatfully missed by CIndy Amanda Grandma Daddy Mommy and Uncle Frank and people that have gotten to know you.

Gonna miss you baby girl your not alone you have simba to show you the way. oh Rolo baby please say hello to simba and all the other pets that have passed the rainbow bridge.

its not goodbye its see you again
Rip Rolo Barker

there will be pictures of you baby as soon as i can get them. Love you my angel youll be in my heart for ever nd always
Words alone cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for the care, love and respect that you have ‎provided at one of the most difficult times in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everything was so beautifully and respectfully done, from the personalized cards to the beautiful pouch with the beautiful words ”until we meet again at the rainbow bridge". I felt the love and care and respect given to my beautiful sassy girl. Thank you fom myself, my daughter Corryn and from my Sassy girl. Namaste. Joy
Tina Edmunds + Al Loucks
To: The Pets Above Staff

Al and myself would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for taking such wonderful care in preserving our little girl Blue.

She was a big part of our family circle and we will miss her deeply.

Blue will be forever in our hearts.

Until we meet again.

God bless all of you!


Tina Edmunds + Al Loucks
Inger and Joseph Hartley
Dear Chris, Kyle, Brett, Blythe, Brad, Sarah and Paul,

Inger & I Thank All of you, for your help.

There were things to be done and all of you were there. Even though you were all strangers, you knew just what to do.

Thank so very much.

We couldn't have managed without All of you!

All of you will remain in our Hearts.

Inger, Joseph & Peppino's little spirit.
Judy Barker
Hello, I would love to thank you for the creamation service of our family cat named Simba. it was with great sadness to hear my daughter say that she was gone in her arms. As simba has been apart of my life and my family for the past 17 years.

Thank you
Judy Barker
Krista Sim
Our beautiful lil baby Cadbury was taken from his family suddenly in a hit and run accident and of course our grief was deep and unbearable. Pets Above was referred to us as an option for taking care of any necessary arrangements. I had called Pets Above within the following 48 hours to make a special request prior to Cadbury's cremation and ended up speaking with Kyle. Kyle was not only empathetic but also caring and sensitive to my needs and requests. He was diligent in ensuring that not only my request was honoured but also connecting with me several times during the process to keep me informed of Cadbury's status. Pets above made a tragic experience bearable and I would recommend them to anyone who is found in the same unfortunate circumstance as we were.

Thank you once again Pets Above for ensuring Cadbury was returned home for his final resting.
Karen Gertz
Dear Pets Above,

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into helping to commemorate the special bond I had with Merlin, and to give him the respectful and dignified farewell that he deserved. Thank you for the gentle care and respect that you showed Merlin and for the understanding, help, guidance, comfort and compassion that you showed to me. From start to finish, my experience with Pets Above was a very positive one. I am 100% satisfied with the wonderful service you provided. I highly recommend your service to anyone who is faced with the devastating loss of a beloved and cherished pet. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Karen Gertz
Charles Asling

I would like to thank all of your staff for your kindness and caring during our time of loss. We appreciated bringing our Baby Duke home with us the same day.

Your thoughtfulness is to be commented. Your suggestions regarding the process, the tasteful urn, packaging, card, and paw print were exceptional and very professional.

Thank you for everything,
Charles Asling